Lettering Style Challenge 2022

This year was my first time hosting the Lettering Style Challenge and it was a huge success!

The idea behind this challenge was to help people (and myself) improve their lettering skills and discover their unique lettering style.

The rules were really simple: use any medium to create a lettering piece each day for 31 days (starting on October 1st) following the provided hand lettering and typography prompts.

For my own take on this challenge, I decided to experiment with timeless styles, textures and embellishments, and transform some iconic brands with a vintage twist.

I hope you enjoy the result xx

Behind-the-scenes ✍🏽

  The Prompts 

Want to make your own vintage lettering? 

Check out my brand new Vintage Lettering Toolkit for Procreate and Vintage Lettering Tutorial below!

Vintage Lettering Toolkit for Procreate

What's included:

✦  15 Drawing Brushes     ✦  15 Texture Brushes

✦  24 Stamp Brushes     ✦  8 Border Brushes

✦  9 Colour Palettes     ✦  2 Custom Typefaces

✦  Mini Guide


Vintage Lettering Tutorial

What's included:

✦ 2 x 120 mins Tutorials     ✦ Life-time Replay

✦ Artwork Templates     ✦ Colour Palettes


Lettering Style Challenge 2023

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