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Step through the ornate doors of the Lettering Lounge and enter a world where creativity knows no bounds. Nestled within these virtual walls lies my treasure trove for all lovers of letters.

Here you will find free tutorials, essential freebies, and useful resources to guide your lettering journey. Whether you're a novice seeking to master the art of lettering or a seasoned artist in search of inspiration, the Lettering Lounge is a place to indulge your passion and unlock the magic of lettering.

So grab a fancy beverage of your choice and make yourself comfortable, we’ve got some lettering to create! 🍸


Unlock my Lettering Secrets

Embark on a creative journey with my curated collection of free tutorials, meticulously crafted to guide both beginners and seasoned artists alike. From mastering dimensions to adding intricate details such as shadows and highlights, these tutorials are a perfect introduction to my Lettering Masterclasses.

My Tools of the Trade

Equip yourself for the journey ahead with my handpicked selection of resources. I've assembled essential books that I use on a daily basis and that I know you'll love using too!

My Top Procreate Tips

Explore a curated collection of my top tips and tricks, carefully designed to unlock the full potential of Procreate and more. Whether it's adding simple strokes or creating custom fonts, I'm sharing all my most valuable tips and tricks!

How to draw leaves for your lettering

How to create a stroke in Procreate

How to create a font in Procreate

How to draw perfect letters in Procreate

How to create a grid brush in Procreate

How to draw serif letters in Procreate

My Gifts for Your Creative Soul

Indulge in my treasury of freebies, lovingly hand-crafted to inspire you to create more. From essential Procreate brushes to creative brief templates, each freebie is a token of my appreciation for the vibrant community of lettering enthusiasts who support me. Enjoy!

10 Essential Lettering Brushes

Cookie Brush

Atom Grain Brush

My Screensavers Collection

Creative Brief Template

Reading Journal Sample

Hi! I'm Aurelie, the creator of this whimsical space ✨

Having dedicated over ten years to the craft of lettering, I understand the importance of a cozy space to house all the tools and treasures a fellow artist might need. I hope you enjoy the Lettering Lounge I have created for us!

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