Retro Signs Lettering

As you can see below, I’ve been loving the retro sign lettering style these days! I made all of these artworks using my own Retro Sign Toolkit for Procreate. I also love the fact that these can be animated, which makes them look so realistic and luminous! 🤩

All the brushes I've used for these artworks are from my own toolkit ✍🏽

The Retro Sign Toolkit for Procreate features all you need to create your own realistic Mid-Century Retro Sign.

The brush set includes 19 essential brushes including pen, shader, blend, stamp, neon, highlight and texture brushes! Perfect to add realistic details such as glowing lightbulbs, on and off neon tubes, bolts, rust and more!

Retro Sign Toolkit for Procreate

$16 USD


Make your own Retro Sign! ✨

Retro Sign Masterclass is the ultimate tribute to the lettering of the 50s and 60s. Create your very own retro sign and learn how to create luminous and animated lettering on Procreate.