Chalk Typography

Here is my collection of chalk typography pieces ✍🏼

Hand-drawn chalk typography finds its roots in vintage sign-writing, which was popular in vintage bars and restaurants. Chalkboard artists mainly use old-fashioned typefaces mixed with illustrations.

The art of chalkboard typography is a very unique medium that can be achieved using different tools like white pencils, black pencils (reversed in Photoshop) or, a digital tablet.

Some of the artworks below were made using chalk & pencil, and some are digitally made using my Chalk Lettering Toolkit for Procreate. Can you see the difference? 😉

Learn how to create Chalk Lettering with me!

Chalk Lettering Masterclass teaches you the theory you need to improve your lettering skills. Learn how to draw letters, put words into clever compositions and add all types of flourishes and embellishments to your designs.