36 Days of Type | 2021

Every year, 36 Days of Type invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their own interpretation of the letters and numbers of the alphabet. Each day, you are prompted to design a letter or a number in order to explore typography and its endless visual possibilities.

This is the second time I participate in this project and for this edition, I decided to experiment with unusual letterforms and new textures. This year I’m also only using one colour palette (made with pink, purple, yellow and brown).

Learn to recreate these letters with me! ✍🏼

If you want to create realistic letters and learn my best Procreate tips, check out my 3D Letters MasterclassRetro Sign Masterclass and Textile Lettering Masterclass.

I made all of my letters using my custom Procreate brushes, which you get for FREE when you enroll in my online courses.