Uber Eats x McFlurry x Cadbury 🍫🍦

To celebrate the three brands; McDonald’s, Cadbury and Uber Eats, coming together to bring the ultimate mix of the delicious new McFlurry® with Cadbury® Dairy Milk®, Uber Eats has asked me to collaborate to create an Instagram Reels video.

The Brief

The idea for the video was to create an ultimate mix of my own with a digital lettering piece featuring elements from the iconic brands (the ingredients, the iconic colours, etc.)

The Audio

Uber Eats also collaborated with the DJ/producer duo MashD N Kutcher for this project to create an epic music mashups (their very own ultimate mix). This track was the perfect audio for my Instagram reel. Check it out here!

The 1st Concept

I sent through a storyboard to get the project approved. There were a few changes to this 1st concept but the main idea stayed the same.

The Artwork

I created the artwork on Procreate using a retro cursive hand lettering of the words "The Ultimate Mix".

After a few rounds of changes, the client went for an "Uber Eats" green for the background, ice cream swirls, and digital drawings of the McFlurry and bag.

Final Video

I then filmed a few shots of my lettering process and arranged them in Premiere Pro to the track of MashD N Kutcher.


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