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Jul 18, 2023

If you're curious about what Typism is, I'd love to share my personal journey in the world of lettering and how I met my mentor, and the founder of Typism, Dominique Falla.


Who is Dominique Falla?

Dominique is a design educator, Typism founder and online business builder with a passion for making processes simple and removing the parts of businesses that aren’t working well. After all, with two businesses, two podcasts, and a fulltime job, simplifying is the ONLY way she can manage it all!

Back in 2010 during my uni days, I had the pleasure of meeting Dominique who completely transformed my career path. Dominique has been an incredible help in growing my lettering business, and I'm so grateful for her guidance and support! But Dominique's incredible support didn't stop with just me and in 2013, she founded Typism.

Griffith University Graduation Ceremony, 2012


What is Typism?

Typism is a global community of type and letter lovers founded in 2013. The Global Typism Community was established to help students and creative professionals develop their type design and lettering skills in order to express their creative vision and establish themselves apart from other designers. Typism offers classes, challenges, resources and events. The community also submits their work to be published in a book every year. The typical Typism audience is obsessed with beautiful type and lettering. They are always on the look out for daily inspiration and dabble in creating their own styles. They are usually designers, creatives and students looking to improve their skills, freelance, or build their own business, but it can all be very overwhelming and they don’t know where to start.

I was lucky enough to speak at the first-ever Typism Conference on the Gold Coast in 2013. It was an incredible experience that showed me the power of community and how much you can learn from others. Since then, I've also participated in the Typism Conference in Canberra in 2018 and the first online Typism Summit last year.

Typism Conferences (Gold Coast 2012 & Canberra 2018)


Why is the Typism Summit different?

The Typism Summit is just for lettering artists! There are a lot of business-growth summits, training, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different? This is the only summit explicitly focused on helping lettering artists with their businesses. This isn’t general advice for any business out there. Every presentation is specialised for the type of business you want to run as a freelance lettering artist, making it practical and easy to implement immediately. The goal isn’t to overwhelm you with information overload but to give you actionable steps to make your business more profitable and stress-free while creating more time for the part you love—making letters!

Typism Summit (Online 2022)


Save the date for the Typism Summit 2023

The Typism Summit is back and is shaping up to be an incredible event once more. Learn from 28+ creative professionals over 3 inspiration-filled days. There's something for every level, from hobbyists to full-time freelancers. Check out the incredible speakers lineup.

The Typism Summit is FREE and will be online from:

🗓️ 26–28 July in USA & Europe (evenings)

🗓️ 27–29 July in Australia & New Zealand (mornings)

PS: Typism has also put together a huge bundle of products from the speakers, including courses, workshops, workbooks, memberships, and more, usually selling for over $800. But for a few more days, you can get it for just $94. Not to mention ongoing access to all the summit presentations! Hurry before the price goes up 😄

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the best in the biz and grow your lettering business.




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