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freebie online course Sep 06, 2022

I've created a new lettering challenge!

I’m so excited about my new lettering challenge, the Lettering Style Challenge, starting this October 2022!

This challenge is all about lettering and includes 31 prompts based on hand lettering and typography.

Even though this challenge is part of my new course Lettering Style Secrets, it is open to absolutely everyone.
When I came up with this challenge, I had two things in mind: to create a challenge that would help up-level your lettering skills and discover your unique lettering style. If this sounds like something you want, make sure you free up some time this October. The challenge starts on October 1st!

To participate, simply create a lettering artwork daily and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #letteringstylechallenge and tag @aureliemaron. You can use the medium of your choice and interpret the prompts however you want.

That being said, if you need some inspiration and guidance for your prompts, feel free to grab my FREE Prompt Guide! I go through all 31 prompts and give you a bit of history, some definitions, and examples to hopefully spark some ideas!

One more thing! If you complete the challenge you get the chance to win ALL of my courses! Even though this challenge is not a contest, I will be picking 4 winners, one for each of the following categories: Best Technique, Most Creative, Most Detailed, and People’s Favourite ๐Ÿฅณ


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Do you want to know my process for completing an entire challenge with purpose and intention, and turning your hard work into revenue?

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