How to Create the Perfect Creative Workspace

tips Feb 14, 2020

Can you believe we spend nearly 40 hours a week at work, which is more than one-third of our lives? If your office space doesn’t promote a happy work environment, your work will soon suffer and you will start to dread going in. Having the right studio space will not only improve your productivity and happiness but also increase your creativity!

An office doesn't have to look like it was built in the '80s anymore. Simply type 'office space' on Pinterest to see what the new trends are! Whether it's a big company with many employees or a home office just for yourself, you need to cultivate a more creative work environment that will truly inspire you and your teammates.

Here's how you can create more fun and liberating work environment to foster your creativity:

Open Your Space

Gone are the times when offices featured rows of cubbies to help employees focus on their tasks without distractions. An open floor plan has many advantages and there's no wonder why it's the new office trend. Some of the striking benefits of an open workspace include increased interactions, better collaboration, reduced electricity bills, better airflow and overall a more motivating and aesthetically pleasing configuration. If you can, try to give your team a common shared space where everyone feels like they belong. If you're by yourself, opt for a larger space where you can have room for guests or clients visit.

Create a Bright and Healthy Environment

We spend so much time indoors these days that working in an environment with natural lights and greenery is vital to your health and wellness. Not everyone has access to a full natural scenery but a connection to natural elements such as small indoor plants, natural daylight, and a window view is an easy improvement to start with.

Reduce Clutter or Mess

A cluttered or messy office will undeniably affect your productivity and creativity. A cluttered space generally leads to a cluttered mind and the more you have around you the more opportunities for distraction you’re creating. Clutter and mess can also promote and increase feelings of being overwhelmed. Try and keep a clean and clutter-free workspace with only the things you need to complete the task at hand visible. 

Add Touches of Inspiration

Has anyone ever really had an amazing idea spark from staring at a blank wall? We are constantly drawing inspiration from our surroundings. By including artwork, quotes, books or any source of inspiration, you can help get your creative ideas flowing. Remember to try and change these up every so often, because staring at a painting you’ve seen a 100 times before isn’t going to help you spark any new ideas. 

Set up a Distraction-Free Space

Have you ever had a big project that you thought was going to take you forever and therefore couldn't get started? Then try this method: write down your task on a piece of paper, turn off all distractions (turn off emails and put your phone on do not disturb), set a timer for 90 minutes, rest for 20 minutes and then repeat until you're done! If you've never done this before, try it. You will be amazed by how much you can get done when you are not getting distracted and are only focusing on one single task. Your workspace should be set up in a way that allows you to do exactly that.

Activate the Senses

Sounds, smells, and textures are all things that can affect creativity in the studio space. Playing music quietly in the background is a great way to help with focus. Using a candle or diffuser to create a subtle scent can promote a sense of calmness. Something that can also be tried is adding texture to your office space. Whether physical or visual texture, this can promote interest and can help get the creative energy flowing.

Make Your Tools More Accessible 

If you want to generate better habits at work, you need to design your environment to make your success easier. For example, if your goal is to practice drawing more often, keep a notepad and pencil handy. You're more likely to pick it up and practice if it's not hidden in your drawer. Building good work habits is mostly about giving yourself an environment that leads to better outcomes. If something is convenient, we are more likely to do it. So make sure all your working tools are easily accessible.

Encourage a Pet-Friendly Environment 

Pets in the office are becoming more and more common due to the benefits they bring. Research is showing that they lift office morale, lower stress levels, and create a comfortable environment. Employees find having pets in the office helps them get through the workday in a better mood, and reminds them to take the necessary breaks so as not to overload themselves. 

Aurelie Maron Design Studio – Gold Coast

Aurelie Maron Design Studio – Gold Coast

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