International Women's Day 2023

Mar 21, 2023

I'm so happy to have partnered with Pinterest Australia for International Women’s Day 2023!

They wanted to mark this important global moment by spotlighting their female creators, amplifying their voices, passions, and achievements, and inspiring others to join in on this ongoing movement for greater equality.

I got to share about my business (view on Pinterest πŸ“Œ) and make a new retro sign (view on Pinterest πŸ“Œ).

I’m so proud that I get to work on projects like this, and pursue my passion for lettering while growing my business.

As a full-time lettering artist, my days consist of creating custom lettering for logotypes, packaging, book covers and magazines. I sell my own digital products, and online courses where I teach others how to do what I do and I teach Typography at University. I also get to create content for some awesome companies, as you've seen!

In the past 3 years, I participated in over 6 design challenges, which helped me develop my own style. The truth is, I started as a graphic designer but now people come to me for my own unique style and not just my design skills. This has been a dream come true!

It has been so empowering to build a community of fellow artists and entrepreneurs. And I want to use my platform to inspire and support other women who want to pursue their own creative endeavours. That's why I make sure to mentor other artists and give back to my community with my coaching courses.

But at the end of the day, being a female business owner is about more than just making money for me. It's about doing work that I love, making a positive impact, and empowering others to do the same. And as a woman, I'm proud to be a part of that movement.

I love taking part in International Women's Day, which is why I've done a few artworks through the years.


2020 IWD's Theme – Each for Equal


2021 IWD's Theme – Choose to Challenge


2022 IWD's Theme – Break the Bias



2023 IWD's Theme – Embrace Equity


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