How to Draw Textile Letters in Procreate

online course Sep 14, 2021

Bring your lettering to life ๐Ÿงถ

 Ever since I participated in the 36 Days of Type challenge, I have been obsessed with adding a textile effect to my lettering.

If you don’t know about 36 Days of Type, it’s an online design challenge where you are prompted to draw a letter of the alphabet every day for 36 days. For the 2021 edition, I set myself the goal to experiment with different textures in Procreate and played with textiles such as denim, embroidery, thread, yarn and quilt. Since then, I became more and more addicted to adding a textile effect to my lettering compositions. I have become so obsessed that I developed my own go-to technique.

Examples of Textile Lettering using Procreate



In my Textile Lettering Masterclass, I share with you all my steps to add a realistic threading effect. You will learn how to draw your letterform, create your composition, and how to add details to make it so real you will have to zoom in to see it was all done in Procreate. As a bonus, I’ll show you how I set up my files so you can publish your work and keep your design flexible so they work for all kinds of projects.

What I love about digital textile lettering is that it allows you to quickly create beautiful illustrations and give them a “wow" effect that will make it stand out amongst other digital lettering.

Whether you’re a hardcore letterer or someone just starting out to have some fun, this lesson is a must-have for anyone wanting to try something new and broaden their lettering skills.


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