How I film and edit my reels: a step-by-step guide 🎞️

tips Jun 20, 2024

As an artist, sharing your work through short-form content like Instagram Reels, TikToks & YouTube Shorts, can be a real game-changer.

Not only do they help get your art seen by more people, but they also let you show off your unique creative process, which really sets you apart from AI-generated content. Plus, reels are great for creating engagement and building a community around your art. Trust me, regularly posting reels will not only promote your skills but also connect you with potential clients, collaborators, and fans who truly appreciate the story behind your creations.


If you want to step up your social media game, here are my 5 steps to create engaging content that will captivate your audience! πŸ‘©πŸ½‍πŸ’»

Step 1: Plan Your Content

First things first, decide what you want to film. Whether it’s your drawing process on paper or digital art on Procreate, planning is key. Set aside some time specifically for filming to make sure you capture all the "satisfying" moments. For example, get a shot of your brush dipping in the paint (you're better off filming more content that what you actually need!). Now, the great thing about filming a digital process is that you can reenact the steps once your artwork is done to save time and avoid mistakes! 


Step 2: Choose Your Equipment

When it comes to equipment, you can either use a camera or your smartphone. Personally, I always use my phone because it’s so convenient. Make sure your settings are optimized for high-quality footage:

  • For iPhone users: Go to Settings > Camera > Record Video and select 4K at 60 fps.


Step 3: Filming Tips

  • Do’s:

    • Film vertically: Reels are viewed vertically, so make sure your video is shot in portrait mode.
    • Use good lighting: Natural light or softbox lights are perfect for illuminating your work without harsh shadows. If you are filming your iPad, make sure to lower the brightness of your screen. 
    • Keep clips short and engaging: Aim for 1-2 second clips to keep your reel dynamic and fast-paced.
    • Show only the best parts: Edit out any unnecessary footage to focus on the most satisfying and eye-catching moments.
  • Don’ts:

    • Avoid fast movements and dark settings: These can be hard to follow and unappealing.
    • Eliminate screen reflections: Use an anti-glare screen protector like Paperlike and control your lighting to minimize reflections. 
    • Keep your background clean: A tidy background with minimal distractions keeps the focus on your work.


Step 4: Editing in Premiere Pro

You can use any video editing app, but I personally prefer Premiere Pro.

  1. Organize Your Files: Create a folder for your project and subfolders for your footage.
  2. Import Footage: Open Premiere Pro and import your video clips into a new project.
  3. Edit Clips:
    • Trim clips to keep only the most engaging parts.
    • Add transitions and effects to enhance your video.
    • Adjust speed if needed to maintain viewer interest.


Step 5: Export and Post

  1. Export Settings: In Premiere Pro, use the default settings for a high-quality export. Name your file and save it in your project folder.
  2. Post on Instagram:
    • High-Quality Uploads: Ensure this setting is turned on in Instagram (Settings > Account > Data Usage > High-Quality Uploads).
    • Write Captions: Start with a strong hook, keep it concise, use relevant hashtags (3 or 4 are enough), and always include a call-to-action!


Final Tips

  • Engage with Music: Whenever possible, use trending sounds that fit the vibe of your video! If you have to use copyright-free music, however, I recommend using Epidemic Sound.
  • Voiceovers: Add a personal touch with voiceovers recorded on your phone and edited into your video.




Now remember, while these tips are great for creating better content and generating more views, your goal should never be to go viral!

I know that getting 1 million views on your video is exciting but it doesn’t necessarily translate into more sales. Also, trying to compete with bigger content creators will just make the entire process dreadful for you.

Instead, focus on getting your content in front of the right audience and building a niche community around your work. You will find true success online from meaningful engagement with people who genuinely appreciate your art.

You don’t need millions of views to be successful; you just need the right people to see and support your work πŸ’«

Happy filming!



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