How to Draw a Disco Ball in Procreate + FREE Brush 🪩

freebie tutorial May 25, 2023

In this blog, I'll guide you through a step-by-step tutorial on drawing a dazzling disco ball using Procreate. Even if you think you lack ideas or experience, don't worry! I'll show you my simple techniques to create your own disco ball masterpiece. Plus, I have a special treat for you — a free disco ball grid brush ✍🏽. Let's get started!


1. Finding a reference image

Before diving into the drawing process, it's helpful to have a reference image to guide you. Check out this disco ball reference on Pinterest. Take a moment to save it for easy access during your artwork creation, or find another one you like.


2. Drawing your shape (Download your FREE brush 🪩)

  • Create a new canvas (I used 3,000 X 3,000 pixels).
  • On a new layer, draw a circle (hold your pen and tap with 2 fingers to draw a perfect circle) and fill it with your preferred colour.
  • Add a new layer on top and make it a Clipping Mask. Use this free brush ✍🏽 to draw your grid in a darker colour.
  • Use the Liquify tool (Adjustments > Liquify > Expand) and tap on the middle of your grid. You might have to increase the size to the max.


3. Adding shadows & highlights

  • Add a new layer on top of your circle (it should automatically be a Clipping Mask). With the Soft Airbush from the Airbrushing set, add a large shadow on the edge of your shape using a darker colour than your circle.
  • Using the same technique, add random shadows all over the disco ball. This is where you might find it useful to bring up your reference image.
  • On a new layer, colour some of the facets. You can use different shades of your darker colour.

  • With the same technique, you can now draw the light facets. This time I'm using the colour of my circle but changing the blending mode to Add. On the same layer, add a bit of Gaussian Blur (Adjustments > Gaussian Blur). I used 8 to 10%.
  • Use a white or beige colour on Add to add even more facets. On the same layer, add a bit of Gaussian Blur (Adjustments > Gaussian Blur). I used 8 to 10%.

  • Duplicate the layer of your grid and change the colour to white or beige. Then move it slightly to give the illusion of a stroke. Add a Gaussian Blur to that layer (I used 2%) and change the blending mode to Add.
  • On a new layer, use the Soft Airbush from the Airbrushing set, add a large highlight on the edge of your shape using the colour of your circle and the Blending mode Add.
  • Using the same technique, add random highlights all over your disco ball.  

  • Duplicate your main circle and add a Gaussian Blur to give it a glowing effect. You can also change the blending mode to Add.
  • Use a glowing brush to emphasise the outlines of your disco ball. I used the Highlight brush from my Nostalgia Lettering Toolkit.
  • With the same brush, add some highlights around each facet of your disco ball.
  • Finally, use a Flare brush to add some random sparkles. I used the Flare brush from my Nostalgia Lettering Toolkit.


4. Final Adjustments

  • Before you make your final adjustments, please make a copy of your artwork so you don't lose all your layers!
  • When you're done, merge all your layers together and add Noise (about 8%) and Chromatic Aberration (about 10%) under Adjustments.

Don't be afraid to experiment here and add your personal touch to the artwork. Remember, art is about expressing yourself!


I hope this step-by-step tutorial has empowered you to create a stunning disco ball drawing in Procreate. If you enjoyed this tutorial, I invite you to take your creativity to the next level by joining my online course, Retro Sign Masterclass. This comprehensive course covers everything from designing retro signs to animating them into captivating .gifs.

Tag me in your creations and feel free to ask any questions. I love seeing your artwork and supporting your artistic journey. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your continued growth as a digital artist! For the full video, watch my YouTube tutorial "How to Draw a Disco Ball in Procreate" and subscribe to my channel for more art-related content. Stay tuned for upcoming videos filled with inspiration and tips. See you next time! 


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